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HNY 2021!

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2020 was full of ups and downs all around the world. It was one of the toughest years, humanity has faced. The whole world shattered with different type of disasters.
Condolences to those, who lost someone in this year.

We all know how the global pandemic affected us, our lives, millions got jobless, many died from the disease and many suffered a lot(financially especially), but kudos to those who stood up and helped others, may you have even more than that, God bless you all for such help.

The thing which I learnt from this year is, "Do not mess with the nature". We all know, we have been damaging Earth in many ways, and it's causing different effects globally. This year showed us many things which we never knew, and now at least, we can try to avoid such things and make this world a better place, where we promote positivity and happiness, rather than negativity and toxicity.

For VCMP, it was quite a strange year. After VW, the playercount decreased overall and many lost interest. The competition was really low, and after a huge clan(SS) got closed, it was really sad and damaging for the community, for the competition. But everything happens for a reason, it gave the community 2 new clans and then small clans inspired good player to open their own clans or join small clans to grow. All in all, it was good which actually now has set a new era for VC:MP, which we hope will turn out good.

As for RT, it was really a beautiful year, when I opened the clan, I never knew we would grow with such a beautiful pace and with good quality members. We participated in events, gave it our best shot and had hell of a time. We played two CWs, giving out our best, which helped the competition in community. It inspired others to open clans and grow them so that the community doesn't die. Thanks a lot to every member of RT, for believing in me, in clan, I honestly love y'all for being part of this clan.

May you all have a blessed, happy and beautiful year ahead, stay indoors, party hard and enjoy!!



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Wish you happy new year.

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