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RT turns 2 years old!

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RT has turned 2 years old. At first this year was not looking so bright for us after past hardships with low morale, dramas and harsh losses which caused this year to be met with uncertainty regarding the clan's future.

Not much action happened this year until EAD League came and even then we still did not have the best start having a tie with MK then losing for yet another time against EAF, next match was against R3V which looked like it was gonna be the same fate but through patience, hard work, dedication and unity we managed to finally have our first resounding victory with a 7-1 to us and a 5-3 against VU!

Finally we have gained some momentum until yet another hardship came after losing to TT 6-2, but we still managed to get back on our feet and get another victory against MD with a 6-2! Even though we lost semis we still made it so far ending in 3rd place of EAD League.

Even then it was not over yet. RTV Championship came and we would make yet another team this time with the twist of bringing an outsider in the form of Hazard and LumberJacK aboard which would lead us to name the team Mad Resurrection. Things were once again not looking so bright for us since we were paired first against VU which was a very tough team and without much experience + we lost our battle hardened veterans from EAD League to inactivity. Surprisingly we still managed to get another resounding victory with a score of 5-1 to us! Even after facing very tough teams we still somehow managed to have an unbreakable winning spree in that championship!

I can't express how thankful I am for being part of this clan and I can for sure say despite all the bad moments we had it was still worth the hell of a journey we had this year. From being stuck at the bottom of the ladder to making our way up there with the top players in VCMP and it was all thanks to every member inside the clan and everyone outside who supported it! YOU'RE ALL CHAMPS!


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Woah! Man really too good time we are spending and i am really proud of it,

We faced many ups and downs in that two years but we never gave up and today everyone can see our achievements just like EAD League's 3rd place(which was first event/tournament for the RT clan) and RTV championship's 1st place with the help of our beloved allies.

Whatever i am seriously very proud to be a part of this clan and thanks to martyrdom for guiding me in every bad situation man i really appreciate you, not even a real brother can support like this.

You guys are awesome!

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It really makes me joyful and to show big gratitude again (as we have been doing since start) that we have stayed in unity, understood each other in deep and treated everyone like a family which has made our clan to turn 2 years old.

Players have joined to be part of our family and few of us have left. All of them have been good so far. We have got to learn and grow much from them. We have got to see the dignity of everyone in this clan. We have made the strength to pursue our clan progress so far which has turned our RT is one of the best clan of VCMP till today from VCMP Main events.

EAD Leagues and RTV Championship are main events and major thing which gave us big opportunity to show team-work unity and to be known in this community well. During in the EAD league, we had to face win and loss both. In those difficult times, our main commander Sevrin have taught us with strong lessons why we have to stay in positive and to hold the unity as we were suffering from hopeless of loud negative situation. After we listened and followed him, we have seen the positivity in silence which gave us deep strength to lead us to the victory.

Because of Sevrin, Martyrdom and others, today I have sucessfully abled to bring change to my attitude and perspective towards positivity. How much we have achieved till today we are really thankful for everything and I am really proud to be part of this family.
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