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Mad Resurrection wins RTV Champs'21!

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After a lot of effort, going through a lot of hardships and hard work from everyone in our team alike. We are proud to announce that Mad Resurrection has won RTV Champs '21 after
defeating Vice Underdogs in the final match.

I cannot express how happy I am to share these news with all of you. At first things have not looked so bright specially on the first match being paired with an already powerful clan such as Vice Underdogs and odds were not looking so good for us but, through the experience, strength and determination of all of our team we have managed to pull through not just the first match but also make it to finals!

We would also like to congratulate The Last Alliance for ending up on 3rd place and also it should not go without mentioning that they were responsible for giving us the toughest match ever in RTV Champ no doubt, it could have easily ended up in us losing. We hope you guys participate in more championships in the future, definitely you guys have the chance of winning a near future championship.

Never though I would ever be able to have the privilege of being part of a team as strong as Mad Resurrection, at first appearing weak to a lot of VCMP then coming out the other end as not just finalists but the winners! I cannot express enough how thankful I am for being part of such a team.

We would like to give an honorary mention to the Mad Demons for collaborating with us on this tournament, we hope you guys had as much fun playing with us as we had playing with you all! And also another honorary mention to The Last Alliance for helping us with the training for last match. Much appreciated guys!

Every single member of MR's contributions cannot just go unnoticed and I can never express enough how thankful I am for these!

Sevrin: The captain of the team who has been the person responsible for existence of MR and who despite his inactivity still went out of his way to make sure we never were alone in this.

ZeeX: Someone who has took the initiative and has helped me a lot in managing the team and making the plans plus being the mastermind behind the plans made for our final match, im truly not sure what could I have done without him.

Hazard: Someone who we owe a lot to being the guy most responsible for specially winning the first match after we were totally unprepared, working great as a team and who teached us a lot of the basics of RTV.

66Sick: A beast with assault rifle (and polish luck). Probably the best teamplayer I could ever ask for, whenever our plans went wrong he always adapted to whatever situation at hand and saved the match a lot of times.

Ken: My god, if I had to say a candidate for most underrated player it has to definitely be this guy, truly has proved himself in all of the championship being an important asset to us and needless to say he definitely deserves more recognition.

MasterOz: Yet another dude who we cannot forget, despite the hardships we had between us he still stuck with us and his remarkable skills with all weps have pushed us to victory specially at finals.

MaSoN^: An unexpected return from retirement, but not an unwelcome one. Despite leaving VCMP he still cameback to our aid just for us and used his clever tactics to help get us to victory in these finals.

LumberJacK: An unexpected team up that we never saw coming but it truly was one of the greatest things to ever happen to us! Bless ur M4 skills, your contribution to this cannot simply just be said by words.

Lilz0r: Someone who unfortunately also left the game but was still available whenever needed just for us. True dedication!

ShadowJack: Despite not having ever been a member of our team he still has helped us a lot with much needed spots for the match that their usefulness can never be fully stated.

Last but not least: Hats off to the Event Staff team for managing the event! Despite all of the hardships you guys have never given up in the face of adversity and also saved the final match it possibly could not have taken place. You guys are truly the MVPs here!

GGWP all! You guys are CHAMPS!
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I'm glad to know that my plans have actually worked for you guys but major credit goes to your team for executing it. Especially, how Martyrdom has managed to deliver the taxi to Museum at finals and how ZeeX & Hazard have been performing with RPG at every matches are outstanding.
I congratulate MR for securing 1st position, VU for securing 2nd position and TLA for securing 3rd position. I wish to every competitive clans good luck for upcomming tournaments in future.

P.S. : If you are wondering about my existence in discord, here's the answer :

Unfortunately, my discord account is hacked and I cannot recover it. There's been trouble going on my discord account since months. I will make my another account soon.
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Zwand Lare RT!!!

"Every expert was once a beginner. Keep pushing forward


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