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Application - ZeeX.

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Nickname: ZeeX.
Previous nickname(s): InjectioN ZorroW BrokeN DraCula^
Age: 19
Country: Pakistan
Timezone: GMT+5
Introduce yourself: Greetings, my name is ZeeX. I started playing VCMP in around 2010-11. I started playing in VCCNR and got to become a moderator there. Later , I was removed from Staff due to a matter of scam ( one of rulebreaks of the server ). I play from my own cafe, i was banned from VCCNR once because of one of cafers downloaded hacks which were detected in modules. So therefore, i restricted others from playing VC:MP from my cafe. I was a founding member of Crazy Fighters (CF) Clan and Crazy Gamers (CG) Gang. Our clan was going good in 2017-18, then had to close it due to personal issues. In 2020, it was re-opened and there were many members in the clan. However, CF had to be closed in September, due to inactivity of Leaders as well as members. I was a former member of Unique Force(UF) Clan until it got closed. I am mostly active in DM servers such as EAD, EC , VFS and many others.
Do you have any ban history?
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): ZA DK by Tranxformer UF CF
All closed
Reasons for joining RT:All my friends are in RT and i also like to join them in this clan. This clan is , however new, but in no time, it has gained much respect and reputation and i will like to give my hand in helping it grow and spread in VC:MP. There are many reasons i preferred this clan , one of which , I would love to support this clan and continue my VCMP journey with it , other clans have many old and senior members and so i want this clan to be among the top clans as well.I am most familiar with Shadow, Ken, MasteroZ and Martyrdom among the RT members. I hope that you all will give me a chance to become a part of you guys :D
IRC/Discord: ZeeX.#0414
Are you interested in clan wars? yea why not.
Additional info: i applied once sometime ago but got denied its my second application.
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Please be patient while your application is being discussed among us in our private boards.


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good to see you here again,
good luck.

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