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Law Enforcement
It's divided into two parts. Police Derpartment[PD]; patrolling around city to ensure its safe, respond to minor criminal situation, arrest & jail suspect. Special Weapons And Tactics[SWAT]; should respond to major crime scene such as gang war, terrorism.

Emergency Medical Services[EMS]
To heal and revive players, plus the medic can carry body to hospital for extra cash. There is no instand death if your HP decreased to 0 you will get knocked. Therefore, medic can revive you as well as normal player but he/she should have revive kit in his/her inventory which can be bought from 24/7 stores.

Players under this catergory can fix vehicles, we have something unique feautre example; if any vehicle gets too much damage it will not explode but a black smoke can be seen and vehicle won't be accessible at any cost unless u call a mechanic to repair it.

Criminal System
Criminals has access to various stuffs such as Black market, weed field and house robbery i.e; items stored in house can be robbed by someone if you forget to lock your house, so be carefull.

Group System
It has Group HQ which contain group only storage. Group vehicles only accessible to assigned group members. Criminal groups has extra features such as access to black market, turfs.

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Great server tbh,
Anyway welcome to vcmp VRRP.

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