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Here you will find the history and changes in the clan.

  • 6th of January, 2020: "The Resurgence" clan founded by Sevrin officially starts its journey in VC:MP.
  • 7th of January, 2020: MaSoN joined as the first member of the clan. Anarki/Midnight joins as the second member of the clan.
  • 10th of January, 2020: UrbanY joined the clan.
  • 11th of January, 2020: T3ss joined the clan.
  • 13th of January, 2020: RT announced 3 new ranks for the clan:

    1. Commander (Holds full power on the clan, founder is the de facto chief)
    2. Lieutenant (Handles the applicants, can lead the clan in clan wars or events, can do necessary changes to the clan in absence of Chief)
    3. Soldier (Soldiers are the members of the clan who are the actual force who wipes out the enemies on the field in lead of Lieutenant or Chief.)
  • 13th of January, 2020: MaSoN^ got promoted to Lieutenant rank.
  • 14th of January, 2020: Maddy joined the clan.
  • 1st of February, 2020: Anarki/Midnight left the clan.
  • 5th of April, 2020: Maddy left the clan.
  • 8th of April, 2020: IcyFuzion joined the clan.
  • 13th of April, 2020: ShadowJacK. joined the clan.
  • 21th of April, 2020: Martyrdom joined the clan.
  • 2nd of May, 2020: 66Sick joined the clan.
  • 3rd of May, 2020: Mr.Catcher/Franklyn joined the clan.
  • 31st of May, 2020: The Resurgence had lost its first clan-war against Vice Underdogs clan in RTV Server, with a
     score of 4 - 2 to VU. Congratulations VU and very well played RT folks!!
  • 6th of June, 2020: Ken joined the clan.
  • 20th of July, 2020: Martyrdom promoted to the Lieutenant rank.
  • 25th of September, 2020: MasterOz joined the clan.
  • 25th of November, 2020: ZeeX. and Lilz0r joined the clan.
  • 20th of December, 2020: The Resurgence had lost its second clan-war against Miami Killers clan in CTF Server, with a score of 3 - 1 to MK.
  • 6th of January, 2021: The Resurgence's first anniversary!
  • 22nd of May, 2021: Captrix joined the clan.
  • 12th of June, 2021: The Resurgence ends up at 3rd place in the EAD League 2021.
  • 15th of June, 2021: MasterOz has left the clan.
  • 11th of September, 2021: MaSoN^ and Martyrdom promoted to the Commander rank and ZeeX. promoted to the Lieutenant rank.
  • 13th of October, 2021: D4rkgh0st^ joined the clan.
  • 2nd of November 2021: Mad Resurrection a team which consisted of the following members: (Sevrin, Mason, Martyrdom, ZeeX, 66Sick, Ken and Lilz0r) and accompanied by [MD]Hazard, [MD]LumberJacK and TLA.MasterOz were crowned as champions of the first ever RTV IV championship defeating Vice Underdogs with a score of 6-2.
  • 6th of January, 2022: The Resurgence's second anniversary!
  • 11th of February, 2022: TheRising/Waleed has joined the clan.
  • 11th of February, 2022: Martyrdom has left the clan.
  • 12th of March, 2022: The Resurgence defeats the Ultimate Insurrectionists with a score of 6 - 2 in RTV
  • 26th of March, 2022: Hazard has joined the clan.
  • 15th of April, 2022: Shaquille joined the clan.
  • 10th of May, 2022: DestroyeR^ has joined the clan.
  • 5th of January, 2023: The Resurgence's third anniversary!
  • 16th of January, 2023: Urbany has been kicked out from the clan due to usage of third-party tools.
  • 4th of February, 2023: CYBORG/Anzal has joined the clan.
  • 10th of February, 2023: ZeKKeN has joined the clan.
  • 2nd of March, 2023: HarI has joined the clan.
  • 7th of March, 2023: Sheri. has joined the clan.
  • 7th of June, 2023: UrbanY has joined the clan.
  • 21st of July, 2023: The Resurgence defeats The Last Alliance with a score of 6 - 2 in RTV
  • 9th of October, 2023: Sheri/Lamp has been kicked out from the clan due to not wearing the clan tag, ignoring fellow members, and being disconnected from us.
  • 13th of November, 2023: StrikeX/DemonSlayer has joined the clan.
  • 29th of November, 2023: Anzal and Archon/StrikeX have been kicked out from the clan due to usage of aurora and modified wep.dat files.
  • 1st of January, 2024: RT dominated the year-end awards on RTV server, sweeping categories like Best Clan, Best Robber, Best Strategist, Best Team Player, Best Camper, Best RPG, and Most Friendliest, all claimed by [RT]ZeeX. Best Defender spot is claimed by [RT]66Sick The Mad Resurrections (RT team) won Best Team in RTV Champ'21, with the Best Match being RT vs TLA. [RT]ZeeX also stood out as the Best Staff Member and [RT]Bloodedge as the Most Strictest staff.
  • 6th of January, 2024: The Resurgence's fourth anniversary!
  • 10th of January, 2024: Urbany has been kicked again from the clan for his retardish behavior to his leaders and everyone.
  • 24th of January, 2024: Vatan has joined the clan.
  • 24th of March, 2024: Nashai joined the clan.
  • 6th of April, 2024: Adam/Claude joined the clan.
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