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Accepted Applications / Clan Application - Hazard
« on: March 25, 2022, 03:47:02 PM »
Nickname: Hazard

Previous nickname(s): RKB_Ricky > =L.i.[0]N= > [CFt]ReIgNs > =VK=Ra[E]eS > =AF=Diego > =AF=Destroyer > Samurai.JacK^ > =AF=Samura[ I ]* > RK. > F50 > =R4Q33B= > Playboy192 > [UFt]Bhutto > [UFr]Dabangg_dada > Hezzy > Motorhead

Age: 17

Country: Pakistan, PK

Timezone: GMT+5

Introduce yourself: I found VC:MP by the late 2012 where I used to play in VKs more but you can say that my real VC:MP life was started after returning in 2015.. I learnt a lot of things like fighting, role-playing and participating in clan wars, big events and eventually mostly won them

Do you have any ban history? Aimbot - 2018

Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): Yes,

UF: It was all going really great until then I got blamed for having personal problem with an Indian guy because they wanted to let him in and that caused me to leave.

MK: I was just not happy with PL-MK thing so I left the clan.

MD: Favoritism and being biased

Brief Information: The clan was going really nice until then DarK WolF passed away, the clan's activity died after that but still we were trying to run the clan but after some time, an attention seeking clan member (wasn't even a correct clan member because he was created problems since he joined the clan, left the discord, join and repeat this action repeatedly without even thinking about the image of the clan) was abusing me, insulting me in the private chats. He was a trainee and I was a full member where I kicked him from the discord. I told I will leave the clan if he's re-added into this discord any sooner. He got re-added and they started to support him. They told if anybody has a problem having *HIM* in clan then he can leave the clan. I left the clan immediately after that. It was the best clan for me until DarK WolF passed away, may Allah bless him.

Reasons for joining RT: The clan is really solid, the partnership and the structure is really strong and the clan members are really friendly. I want to support them them in all times and want to be the backbone of the clan.

IRC/Discord: Hazard#8320

Are you interested in clan wars? In my veins, yeah

Additional info: I was invited by [RT]MaSoN^ (one of my close friends when I started VC:MP)

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