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Accepted Applications / Application - lilz0r
« on: November 25, 2020, 10:35:45 AM »
Nickname: lilz0r
Previous nickname(s): [VU_T]lily* , DU.lilz0r
Age: 21
Country: Israel
Timezone: GMT +3
Introduce yourself:
Do you have any ban history? Yes, 3 years go in vcdc 5.
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): Yes, i was in VU and got kicked then joined DU and left.
Reasons: i played in the name of DeZ in vcdc 5 and they catched my by alias therefore i got kicked from VU and banned from VCDC.
then after i joined DU since it was a very small clan and tried to build it up with my friends VCPR Floris Rodger cool3 Deathwish Devil Jin aegon and sparta, after all of them leaving (except for deathwish , the guy left whole vcmp not clan) i was left with VCPR as my only active friend in DU and getting it back to life was even harder so i left it with the excuse of "leaving vcmp" knowing that i would be back one day and i would join again but then i thought about it and i just want a whole new opportunity and adventure and atleast a chance of winning in any of clan events that happens around vcmp.
Reasons for joining RT: i liked playing with RT members in some past events and i think we have some good team work chemistry  and communication in addition that all of them are skilled which gives the clan an opportunity to rise in many occasions
IRC/Discord:  Otaku1s#2702
Are you interested in clan wars? Yes
Additional info:  I only play whenever i have time, so you might see me at 3 am catching ogras in argo or at 7 pm dming in EC but you'll never see me whenever i have something important irl so activity is not something that i can promise all the time.

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