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Off Topic / VCMP's Forums Launcher v2
« on: February 28, 2022, 02:47:25 PM »
VCMP's Forum Launcher v2

New Update for VCMP's Forum Launcher is finally up. as we came with more updates right here, This program allows you to head on most vcmp's servers and their clan's forums. over 32 forums are included. some are new and some are old from the older version, though, anyway give it a try.



Forum Launcher Program was designed by Waleed a Regular player of VCMP. and it was released on 28th April 2021. and it has returned with another update, The program was Built in Pika Software Builder.

We have launched the discord Server for Forum Launcher. Link

v0.2 Older version:

Official Topic

Accepted Applications / Application - SynthWave
« on: February 06, 2022, 06:02:50 PM »
Nickname: SynthWave, Waleed,
Previous nickname(s): Mr.Y, Waleed, Ambrose, Viper, WaleedKing, etc.
Age: 18
Country: Pakistan
Timezone: GMT + 5
Introduce yourself: Salam & Hello brothers, my name is waleed i'm 18 years old. I'm from Karachi Pakistan. and a Player of VCMP Since 2018
Do you have any ban history?: Yes in CNR's Server and in Vks Server since i was newbie and even in the past. my past was very bad as i believe all my story about the ban is provided in my first application, i apologize for not putting here just not make it a long large topic.
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): Always a Clanless never been a part of any home :/
Reasons for joining RT: Most Friendliest clan, Mature clanmates, loyal good kind, good behavior, this is what all i like and it's not that only it is my decision too since i decided to. Being a DM'er is normal at 1 way but being a polite, mature, cool person, respectful, friendly, towards everyone else is a big success according to me. and that's what i learned. i have some of my friends in this clan. all i can say is that i'm more improved than ever. i believe i don't have any issue with me now.this would be my first ever family if i ever gets accepted now even in future or so. and this is real i really wanted to make a longest stay in this family. and a word of my promise would be to never let you get down.
IRC/Discord: Waleed#2057
Are you interested in clan wars? Most likely
Additional info: i would tell some facts about the previous application, i lost my father and i went inactive and when i came back i applied like instantly without spending some time with clanmates. and i was out of my sense because of the emotions of my father loss. about this i'm really promising that's there are no issues left on me, 1 more fact my mouse is on 0% condition Wheel down, button broken, and i'm preparing to buy a new expensive mouse so that it can stay for some long time with me.  but still i'm trying to be active just to interact with clanmates and to play with them like spending the time and activity. my behavior in everything is very well now. so brothers not as a applicant as one of your brother i would really wish to be one of you this time, and i would try my best to interact with other more members that are currently inactive or away. Thank you for reading my application and i apologize for making it long as always, but i hope i did not too much

My ban history my past history all written in the first application, i did not provide any here to avoid making it very very large i hope this won't disappoint you still i apologize for it

Your Sincerely,

Rejected Applications / Application - SynthWave
« on: January 03, 2022, 09:38:47 AM »
Nickname: Waleed, SynthWave
Previous nickname(s): Waleed, Mr.Y, Viper, LegendKiller, Ambrose, WaleedKing, etc
Age: 18
Country: Karachi Pakistan
Timezone: GMT + 5
Introduce yourself: Greetings, my name is waleed and i will be 18 years old after 12 PM of the night, i'm known as a simple player of vcmp nowadays, i'm playing vcmp from 2018
Do you have any ban history? yes when i was a newbie i got banned many times in different servers such as VCCNR, Vks, i was totally a noob i didn't learn to speak english that time got banned in vccnr many times for breaking the rules as i was unable to understand english but time by time i've been improving myself and things were getting changed and since i learned english i'm completely ok with everything,
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): i have never been a part of any clan before.
Reasons for joining RT: from 3 months since i made 1 last decision after everything, i chose RT applied for it first time and as i kept my words that if i ever gets rejected i will be re applying for it, the first break i got to get away from VCMP was my father. he passed away and that's the reason of my inactivity otherwise i would have spent much times with RT mates, I'm very well interested in this family since rt members used to be very nice & mature to me, after all i do really think i can make a longest stay in this home. and according to some of RT mates i had some attitude problems as they mentioned i did a rage quit from vccnr for unexpected reasons was all legit. and i agreed that too, but according to me there are no problems left for me. my behavior is now more great to all players and that can be seen. so once again I'm interested to hear your opinions but still if according to you i need some more things to improve please mention it. i would work on it. and here's a promise i would try my best to not let this clan get down.
IRC/Discord: Waleed#2057
Are you interested in clan wars? Very well.
Additional info: this would be the first ever clan for me if i ever gets accepted even after showing the strongest interest towards this clan, after all i would wish to be a mate of rt i would try my best to interact and play with you guys. Have a good day.

here's my first application my whole story is written in there. i didn't wanted to make this application very long like first one.

Rejected Applications / Application - SynthWave
« on: October 05, 2021, 04:17:40 PM »
Previous nickname(s): Waleed, Viper, Mr.Y, LegendKiller, WaleedKing, and more.
Age: 17
Country: Pakistan
Timezone: GMT + 5
Introduce yourself: My name is Waleed i'm 17 years old and i'm from Pakistan. i'm playing VCMP from 2018
Do you have any ban history?: Yes in VCCNR. server since i was a newbie there i used to break rules too many times. even after understanding the rules probably in the middle of 2019 year. my past have been very worst. i was like a cafer i didn't learn to speak english before. got banned there too many times but time by time as i was working on myself to improve my career i was successfully changed. later 2019 i got banned in Vks server too probably 2/3 times for using hacks because as i was new so i was totally a noob.
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): I have never been a part of any family before
Reasons for joining RT: before i reveal what made me come now for RT. i wanna say that's i'm not requesting here just like a clanhopper that's if i gets rejected i will not be applying again so. probably less RT Players know me but some do know me. i'm interested to be a part of this Clan, i was advised by some good players. they just told me you should make a correct decision on which clan you wanted to join for real not like clan hopping or other emotional drama. so take your decision and look for the 1 clan that you really wants to join in. prepare yourself for it. no matter what clan is that just be yourself show off yourself. what i really needed to do is to not give up now. even if i gets rejected. so by that at least i can prove that's i wasn't lying i'm interested more in this clan since ShadowJack told some fresh lines to me about joining this clan this is my final decision i will not be looking for other clan if i gets rejected from here. i'm kinda normal on DM skills not very much but better than newbies. so i think i can manage almost stuff. i would love to play with rt guys whenever i gets a new fresh mouse the reason why i'm not playing dm servers often because my mouse wheel is just dead. and everyone knows without mouse we can't dm. but still i would try to play with a broken wheel, i'm actually skilled on stubby even on shotgun but not in m4 as i'm really working hard on m4 to learn m4 duel. if any of you guys have a problem with me please mention them i will be paying attention for it and will apologize for it. i have improved myself more than before in past 2/3 months i just used to be mad on them who used to annoy me i became rude on them. instead of /ignoring them but as it's old so i don't fight with ppl anymore and for reason. if they does i just simply ignores them. If according to any of you i still need something to improve let me know i will be working on that as well. Sorry for my inconvenience, i'm interested to hear your opinions, and all of you guys will be much appreciated for reading this long topic. i always makes long topic not just to get positivity it's just to explain my whole story i'm sorry for making it long Thanks a lot for reading my application.
IRC/Discord: SynthWave#2057
Are you interested in clan wars?: very well.
Additional info: i will mention VU clan's story here including MK and DU, about the past. so from 2020 i dreamed to join the Vice Underdog clan and prepared for it. but due some of my unsolved problems i couldn't get a success to be a part of them i used to apply there literally 6 or 7 times and got rejected all time. reasons were like i need more improvements i need to be kind and honestly i was working on it. and in the middle of 2020 i was successfully prepared but still had some problems on it then i last applied for vu at the start of 2021 and got rejected again then i decided to give up. and i was very emotional i felt like i'm unlucky and  i can't be a part of it. and in some days i was forced to apply for different clan without waiting at least for 1 month i applied for MK clan and tried to act like a clan Hopper there. the mistake i made there was their rule that i didn't wait for 2 months as i was currently rejected by VU some days ago. and because of this MK guys were negative for me and they were telling me to stick to the clan that you really wanted to join. i got rejected from there too, i was more emotional then i was more emotional and then probably 1 or 2 months later i forcefully applied for DU Clan and tried to convince them as like i did to MK and i got rejected from there too, because of some negative votes then i was totally called a Clan hopper because i gave up after that and decided to leave VCMP just like dramatic stories as i was more emotional i felt like now i'm no longer a regular player in front of VCMP audience i was ashamed left vcmp. made a video on it. now after 2 months later i dont really know what has changed but i totally feel like i'm a newbie in vcmp now but with kind and maturity. as because i have been with it. and i know the rules i just rejoined and started playing again. i gave myself some more time realize more that's what have i done in the past.

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