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Accepted Applications / Application - BrightLight
« on: May 12, 2021, 09:12:01 PM »
Nickname: BrightLight
Previous nickname(s): SHy, =KF=SHy, [D]reambo[Y], Fluttershy, DraGoN..
Age: ~15
Country: Pakistan
Timezone: GMT + 5
Introduce yourself: I'm playing VCMP for around two and a half years. I'm playing currently with nick BrightLight. I desire to play various games and discover something innovative.
Do you have any ban history? Yes, afaik, I was only banned in VKs as I was a regular player there. I was once banned for death evade for 2 weeks which happened when I was playing with some throwables during duels. In another scenario, I was banned for some wrong reason and after few days I got unbanned after providing some proof.  These bans happened a long time ago, maybe In mid-2020. I don't remember the exact date.
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): I'll describe it below:
SdS: Clan members were only limited to a single server. They weren't interested in playing other game modes. The clan members were idle too and the clan was in a sealed clan circumstance. However, I waited for 2 months in hope that the clan might change and did an effort in it but no one was interested in VCMP(those who were inactive and left). Neither any active members which were only two were engaged. The clan was even scarcely recognized in the VCMP era. I was the only guy with that tag for 2 months. The clan was; you can say a RP gamemode clan but I wasn't interested in RP game modes especially when you try to get your mates to some other game modes but they decide to stick with one.
KF;  I stayed there for like 2 years when I had started playing VCMP(after a month or so, I joined KF) and just a rare months ago forsaken due to the clan administration being too careless and giving jurisdiction to immature clan members. I described it in the premature application. 
GK: Own clan which persisted for a week or two, ended.
Reasons for joining RT: After leaving SdS, I thought to stay clanless until I find a good and long-lasting clan for myself which fits in every single circumstance. I noticed different clans during gameplays. RT looked me a good clan which gained much esteem and reputation in a very short interval. I selected to give the clan a try since it has mature and decent members. The clan is seeded in one of the reputed clans, at least in eyes of me. I also got some friends here. I believe I can be given an opportunity this time to prove my integrity and gain the trust of the members.
IRC/Discord: Lightnox#0070
Are you interested in clan wars? Yes.
Additional info: Previous application link:
I attempted my most immeasurable to overwhelm the difficulties for which I was declined earlier tho my routine was a little confused so I could not spot any members of the clan with comfort but it doesn't signify that I didn't operate with them. Any inquiries are as always greatly welcomed. Thanks for reading the application.

Rejected Applications / Application - Brightlight
« on: April 03, 2021, 06:19:07 PM »
Nickname: BrightLight
Previous nickname(s): SHy, (KF)Fluttershy, =KF=[D]reamboy
Age: ~15
Country: Pakistan
Timezone: GMT +5
Introduce yourself: Hello, everyone. I'm nowadays using the alias BrightLight. I entered the community ~2.5 years rear. I lust to play games. I'm presently tinkering only in CTB, EC, VKs(these two only sometimes). I'm not currently able to play in other servers due to an unusual bug with my VC: MP. I would have to stay hours to download server files with my slow ass internet. The downloaded server files are concealed somewhere & I need to re-install the OS which presently will take a little longer only.
Do you have any ban history? Yes, I was vetoed for a few days in the last year (like 6-10 months ago) for death evade erroneously with Remote Grenade. Otherwise, I was banned for the wrong reason & got unbanned in few days(VKs).
Were you in any clan? (If yes state the reason you left them): As far as I recall, I was in SDS, KF & GK. I left SDS because the clan was in a closed clan circumstance. The members were sedentary. However, I stayed for 2 months in hopes that members will be active soon. Another great reason was that the clan was only regional to 1 server, VKs. The members weren't enthusiastic about playing other servers and doing some DM. The clan was like an RP game-mode clan. I was the only guy with that tag for almost 2 months. KF: I left due to the childish behavior of a moderator. There was no appreciation for the members like the moderator could kick the member for tiny reasons without any controversy. If you want to comprehend more about that, you can DM me on Discord. Stayed in KF for more than 2 years. GK: Own clan, fastened.
Reasons for joining RT: I find RT a good clan with delightful and friendly partners. I have nearly played with all of them except a few. I tried to find a clan that is good & prosperous for me, in which, RT seemed the case in many circumstances. I'm very much influenced by the clan's cooperation & status.
IRC/Discord: BrightLight#7831
Are you interested in clan wars? Yes.
Additional info: Heya, I appreciate & thank you for looking over my application. I hope you would acknowledge me. If you've any concerns & suspicions, feel free to DM me on Discord for a rapid response

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